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zayn (i know zayn wasn’t there but i wanted to include him)




Wendy Jane Tomlinson

Wendy is a very unique and special young woman. Not only is she breathtakingly gorgeous, but she’s also a free spirit who refuses to live a dull life. Her sense of humor was definitely inherited from her father, and sometimes it seems as if the two of them are the same person. She was named after Wendy Darling from Peter Pan, and it suits her well. She’s a firm believer that everybody has the right to express themselves however they’d like She loves to cook, and every night she insists on cooking dinner for the whole family. Someday she dreams of being a well-known chef with a chain of restaurants scattered across the country.

Hilary Lucia Tomlinson

Hilary is a very serious young lady, and would rather spend her time reading and learning new things rather than go out and party or join a sports team. She is often times ridiculed for her outstanding intelligence, and somewhat antisocial lifestyle, but it doesn’t phase her at all. She looks just like her father, but he’s very confused as to how she turned out to be the exact opposite of him. Her strong-willed personality causes her to find herself in many arguments about various topics. Chances are, if you’re in an argument with her, you’ll lose. Someday she hopes to be a neurosurgeon, and she’s prepared for the many years of schooling it will take

Melody Hope Tomlinson

Melody Hope is Louis’ pride and joy, and his little miracle. Though she’s no longer a baby, he still treats her as one, and in his eyes, she can do no wrong. Her older sisters are jealous of the way she never fails to get her way, and that creates a lot of tension in the household. Melody has been fought over by different modeling agencies all across London, each one begging for her to choose them. She loves modeling, but she doesn’t like the pressure that she feels to be perfect to do it. She’s been battling an eating disorder for the past few years, and her family and friends are very supportive and helpful in her recovery, especially Darcy Styles. Someday she hopes to be able to walk the runway in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Eli Michael Payne

Eli is the picture perfect high school jock, so focused on sports and having a successful future. He’s obsessed with football, and he’s the captain of his school’s team. Everybody loves him, especially all of the girls, but it’s rare that he has time for a girlfriend. He has a tendency to be a bit full of himself, only because he’s constantly being praised and it’s rare that he’s criticized. His father always tries to remind him to be humble, and he does his best. He simply idolizes his father, and lives to please him. He loves his little sisters more than anything and is especially close to Mallie. The NFL is where he dreams of ending up, and he’s well on his way

Lauren Elisa Payne

Lauren is extremely independent and energetic, always laughing about something. She’s competative and loves challanging her older brother and father in whatever she can, holding out for the day that she can crush Eli in a football game just to rub it in his face. She’s a tomboy, doesn’t mind getting dirty and hates shopping with a passion. Most of her friends consist of boys, her best friend being Jude Malik, making her just one of the guys. She’s the best player on her field hockey team, and has lost count of the amount of trophies and awards she’s received for it. Much like her brother, she doesn’t have any time for relationships and she’s a bit cynical about them. Someday she hopes to be a lawyer

Madeline (Mallie) Marie Payne

Mallie is very quiet and reserved, a drastic contrast to her older sister, and she can be easily described as Indie. She’s very dainty, graceful and softspoken, finding comfort in her studio writing music. She plays the ukelele, piano, guitar and boy, can she sing. Everyone that is lucky enough to hear her voice says that it’s angellic, and they insist that her father help her get signed as soon as possible. She slightly obsessed with Ed Sheeran, and the day she met and sang with him will forever be the best day of her life. She’s a great listener and she’s very helpful, never failing to make you feel better. She’s very close with her brother. Someday she hopes to travel the world and share her music with coffee shops all over

Felicity Grace Horan

Felicity is possibly one of the most caring people in the world, always eager to help others with a friendly smile that always lights up whatever room she’s in. She volunteers regularly at the food kitchen and local retirement homes. The senior citizens took it upon themselves to nickname her “Licity”, and it caught on with everyone else. She quickly grew out of her girly stage the second she discovered that she could dance. She absolutely fell in love with hip-hop, and put her heart and soul into it, eventually becoming the best in her class. Someday she dreams of opening her own dance studio to teach kids how to dance

Alexander (Alex) Edward Styles

Alex loves music, but he also love sports and finds himself constantly having issues with balancing the two. He’s on the football team, though he doesn’t feel like he’s the best player, and is a model student, earning all A’s. All the teachers simply adore him and his charming personality, much like his father’s. He’s quite the ladies man, but only has eyes for his sister’s best friend, Melody Tomlinson. He’s very protective of his little sister, and threatens any boy who dares to look at her, much to Darcy’s dismay. All he wants is to make his parents proud of him and to be someone someday.

Darcy Anne Styles


Darcy is a ball of energy, always having to be doing something to keep busy. She’s an avid photographer, and often times you can find her in the backyard snapping pictures of animals and flowers. She loves to ski more than anything, practically eating, sleeping and breathing the mountains. Much like her brother, she’s a model student, but often goes unnoticed by the teachers. She keeps to herself and tries to keep a low profile the best she can. She’s had a crush on her good friend Hunter Malik since they were little kids, but she knows that her older brother would do everything in his power to put an end to that. She dreams of someday being a professional skier

Willow Tricia Malik

Willow is a heart breaker straight down to her core, leading on boy after boy and crushing their souls when she doesn’t follow through. She’s charming and rebellious, and every grey hair on Zayn’s head is from her. She loves to party and have fun, using her own father’s words against him and lives while she’s young. For what she lacks in ambition, she makes up for in curiosity, insisting on trying everything at least once. She’s very close with her younger brothers, always pleading for them to cover for her. Someday she hopes to be able to travel to pakstian and surround herself with her heritage firsthand

Hunter Davin Malik

Hunter is very much like his father, in both his looks and his personality. He’s quiet around others, and enjoys keeping to himself. Just like Zayn, he loves drawing and he’s quite good at it. His artwork, from age two to eighteen, is framed and hung sporadically around the entire house. You’re both very supportive of the way he chooses to express himself, thankful that he’s not wild like his sister. He also has a bit of a temper, and gets frustrated easily. He’s very hard on himself and hates making mistakes. He’s had a thing for Darcy Styles since they were kids, but he’s too shy to tell her, so he hides his feelings for her in his art. Someday he hopes to be a comic book artist, which pleases his father more than he’ll ever know.

Jude Nubaid Malik

Jude is a card, the comic relief in every situation. He’s always doing goofy things just to get a rise out of people, and even if it’s not that funny, you can’t help but crack a smile. Everybody knows him and everybody adores him. His middle name is Muslim for “bringing happiness”, which is exactly what he does. He’s been in love with his best friend Lauren Payne since they were kids, but she has no idea. Not only is he funny, but he’s also extremely sensitive, and secretly writes poetry and songs. He taught himself how to play the guitar when he was twelve and has been in love with it ever since, always singing something. He was the lead in the school musical this year, and sold out every single night by convincing everyone that “Grease really isn’t all that bad!” Someday he dreams of being a music producer to help people live their dreams.

Liam: Liam had told the guys about you, but they’ve only seen pictures of you. They never met you. You hadn’t told Liam you were an Angel yet, but only because you didn’t know how to and you didn’t want to overwhelm him. You had no idea he and the boys would be attending the show tonight, but he had no idea you’d be in it. Stole My Heart began to play as you made your way on the runway. You walked down to the front and began to turn around when you noticed Liam. You winked and blew him a kiss “She blew me a kiss!” Niall screamed “I wonder if she’d blow me.” Zayn said “Guys. That was my girlfriend.” Liam informed the guys “A KISS! A KISS! I forgot to add that part.” Zayn added now feeling guilty. After the show Liam approached you “Great show love. I didn’t know you were an Angel.” “Surprise!” you said laughing.image

Louis: You and Louis had been dating for a little over a year now and you had recently just become a Victoria’s Secret Angel. They wanted you to be in the fashion show, and you knew Louis was attending, so you happily agreed. This is how you were going to tell him. You walked down the runway to exactly where Louis was seated holding up a sign that read : SURPRISE SURPRISE BABY! he had known this was always a dream of yours. When you turned to walk away Harry obnoxiously screamed “DAT ASS!” Louis glared at him and screamed “SHE’S MINE!" "I was talking about yours…" Harry claimed. This made Louis blush. He walked up to you after the show to congratulate you "I’m so proud of you babe!" he exclaimed "Thank you baby." you said as he embraced you home "Okay now let’s get you home." he said practically running to the doorimage

Harry: You and Harry had been dating for a while. He knew you were a model, he just didn’t know you modeled for Victoria’s Secret. The guys were scheduled to make an appearance at the show, and you were so excited to see the look on his face when he saw you up on the runway. They performed Tell Me A Lie and Harry showed off his Party All Night panties then took their seats in the crowd. You had on the matching panties Harry had been sporting over his pants. When you walked out and caught Harry’s eyes his jaw dropped as he stood up and starting cheering. When you passed him and showed him your bum he noticed the panties were the same ones he had on and he giggled. “I wonder what else she could do all night.” Liam said nudging Harry considering he would know. After the show Harry came up to you “Baby why don’t you ever wear these for me?” he asked with a little pout.image

Niall: You, Niall, and the rest of the guys were attending the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. However, Niall didn’t know you’d be in it. You were the first girl to walk out, so as soon as you made your way to your seats you made up an excuse to get away and secretly ran backstage. As Stand Up began to play, you walked out stopping in front of Niall and mouthing out “Sorry!” then blowing him a kiss. “Oomf I want a piece of that.” Louis said, not realizing it was you. “You do realize that’s Y/N, right?” Niall pointed out. Louis’ jaw dropped “I am so sorry.” he apologized After the show, Niall ran up to you and put his jacket on you in attempt to cover you up. “You’re all mine. Don’t you forget that.” Niall said before kissing and congratulating you “I know baby.” you said so happy he got to see you doing what you love.image

Zayn: You and the guys were laying on your couch watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show you had recorded purposely. None of them knew you were an Angel, but they were about to find out. You were up next and you were really nervous. There you were. On TV. All of the boys watching you. They all immediately noticed it was you clearly except for Niall. “Oh the things I would do to that woman.” Niall said before grunting. Everyone looked at him “That’s Y/N.” Zayn said with an unamused look on his face. “Awkward…” Harry said “How come you never told me about this, boo?” Zayn said smiling “I wanted to surprise you!” you explained. “Well. I can’t say I’m shocked. A body like yours deserves all this attention. Preferably all of mine, but this works too.” you giggled and he kissed you before rewinding the television and watching you a few more times.

Zayn: ”C’mon Zayn! We’re gonna miss it!” You yell and he comes slugging downstairs. No matter how many times you watch it, you can’t ever miss The Hunger Games. Yeah, Josh Hutcherson is cute, but you love Alexander Ludwig. “Again? Babe, can’t we do something else?” “No, this is the part where Cato dies! Now hush!” He groans and you watch the screen intently as Cato grabs Peeta in a headlock. “He dies!” Zayn yells, and you throw a pillow at him. You turn your attention back to the screen to see that Cato already died. Annoyed, you groan at Zayn. “What, you already knew that!” He laughed. “Yeah, but I wanted to see him on the screen one last time! You can’t get enough of that face!” “What do you like about him anyway?!” You smirk to see Zayn pouting. “Zayn Malik, are you jealous?” “No, I just-” “You’re sooo jealous!” You taunt him and laugh, kissing his cheek. “I love you more. You know that.” He smiles and goes to kiss you, but you pull away before he can. “But! You still made me miss Alexander, so no kisses for you.” He whines to get you to give in, but it doesn’t work.

Liam: ”C’mon Tom … C’mon Tom … YES! WOOOO!” You cheered as Tom Daley dove into the water. “Yeah yeah, woo, can we go now?” Liam huffs. “And miss Tom’s last dive?! No!” He mumbles something under his breath and you watch as Tom goes over to the showers. “His speedo is about to fall!” Liam complains. “I know! Damn, I wish it would!” You sighed, and smiled at the screen the same time Tom did. “What’s so great about him anyway?! What about me?! Hellloooo! Your boyfriend!” You raised your eyebrows at Liam and he crosses his arms. “Oooh, Sassy Liam! I like it.” You purr, as you sit in his lap and wrap your arms around his neck. He cracks a grin and you kiss him, blocking everything else out. That is, until you heard the announcer say “And now we get ready for Thomas Daley’s last dive.” You quickly jump off of Liam and he moans, kissing your neck. “Let’s go Tom … C’mon Tom … YEAH!!” You cheer again and Liam isolates you, crossing his arms again. “Awe Liam, it’s over now.” “And?” “No Liam time then-” “NO NO! Let’s go!” He pulls you up and you laugh at his excitement.

Louis: ”I don’t see what’s so great about him.” “Louis! Shut up!” You laugh, getting tired of your boyfriends rambling. You were attached to the television screen as soon as you heard that Adam Levine was going to be interviewed. You loved his music and adored his vocals. “But I sing better!” “Do you mind?!” You shout back, causing him to throw his head back in annoyance and bordem. “Yeah, our fans are amazing and I love them so much. They got me where I am today and I wish I could repay them.” “And you can by singing more! Thank you Adam.” The interview ended and you looked at Louis who was playing with a loose string on his shirt. You stood up and pulled him up with you. “Sorry I told you to shut up, you know I love you more than anyone.” “I know.” He said smugly, kissing your nose. “Jealously is hot on you.” “It’s not jealously! It’s sass.” He tried to defend himself, but failed. “No, it’s jealously and it’s cute.” You chuckled as he pulled you in for a kiss.

Harry: ”Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! THEY’RE BACK TOGETHER FOR ONE LAST INTERVIEW!” You shout as you see Brendon Urie and the rest of Panic! At The Disco on E! News. “Ugh!” Harry groaned as you fangirled. You had the biggest crush on Brendon and you always have. For the longest time you were upset when Panic! At The Disco stopped making music, but you were more than happy to see their faces again. Harry tried to distract you, kissing your neck, running his hands up and down your thigh, tickling you, but nothing was good enough. “Babe! What about me?!” He shouted, still not causing you to redirect your attention. He waited until the interview finished and when it did, you pouted. “Don’t leave! Brendon, come back!” Harry took your face in his hands and crashed his lips to yours. He pulled away, satisfied, especially when he felt you kiss back. “Someone was jealllloooouuusss!” You sang and he rolled his eyes. “Of him? Pfft, no way.” “Yes way! Mr. Styles, do you want to have some alone-” “YES! FINALLY!” He tackled you down, kissing you. You giggled, surprised by his sudden act of protectiveness.

Niall: ”Babe, your phone!” Niall yelled while you were making lunch in the kitchen. “Who is it?” “A text from [Y/BFFs/N]!” “Text her back, saying I’m busy.” He did so, and you came back from the kitchen, holding out a sandwich for him. “Who is this?” He asked, showing you the background on your phone. “Logan Lerman.” You giggled, taking your phone and putting it in your pants pocket. “Why is he your background and not us?” “He’s my lock screen background, not my actual background.” You pulled your phone out again, putting in your passcode to unlock it. You showed Niall, it was the picture of you two baking cookies, flour and butter all over as you two kissed. Liam took the picture. “Yeah but … I have us as both.” He frowned, nibbling on his sandwich. “Babe, are you … jealous?” You smirked in amusement. “NO!” He shot back and you laughed hysterically. “Niall, I’ll change it!” “No, whatever, it’s okay.” You poked his stomach and his ribs, getting him to laugh. When he did, you kissed him and he returned it. You pulled away and picked up your phone, going into your settings. “What are you d-” “Shush.” You shushed him. You put your second favorite picture of you and Niall to replace the one of Logan. You showed him and he smiled as he saw the photo of you two taking silly selfies, one of them being your first kiss. “Now I have my world as both, happy?” You asked him and he smiled, kissing your nose. He took a huge bite of his sandwich and you knew he was happier, considering he took a normal sized Niall bite.






@Louis_Tomlinson: "I love my girls, You girls look amazing . @Y/T/N & @Y/BF/TN." 


@ZaynMalik: They ignored me all day! @Y/BF/TN , you’re stealing my girlfriend!! give her back!!!”


@Real_liam_payne: "This two were laughing all day, i’ve tried to laugh too, but @Y/T/N jokes…are so not funny!"image

@NiallOfficial: “Is it too much to ask for a normal photo? …You know… so I can see your beautiful face? @Y/T/N & @Y/BF/TN ?”image

@HarryStyles: "Thank you @Y/T/N…Thank you so much babe, next time i’ll rememeber not to come with you and your friends."